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All About Cottonwood UTV Rentals

Our UTV Rentals was founded in 2024, and has been bringing a wide selection of best-in-class rentals to our customers ever since. Our business name has become synonymous with high-quality and excellent service throughout the Verde Valley.

We do our best to provide a safe and convenient option for vehicle rental to fit every budget. We’re driven by our dedication to find the best adventure for your visit!

  • You must provide a valid driver’s license for anyone looking to drive during the rental.

  • The primary driver must be 21 years of age.

  • Mandatory $15 general liability insurance with $5,000 deductible per vehicle; link and directions for completing this policy are sent in the confirmation email upon booking.

  •  48-hour full-refund cancellation policy. Within the 48 hours of your reservation, no refund can be issued, but you can rebook to another date(Upon availability) or get issued a gift card valid a year from cancellation if you choose to.

  • Come prepared and make sure to bring the following: Suitable clothing and shoes for motor vehicle use and a water bottle. We provide water (It is recommended to bring 1 gallon of water per person), sunscreen, and snacks.

  • Cottonwood UTV Rental operates in accordance with the Principles of ‘Tread Lightly,’ so please understand prior to renting:

     T – Travel responsibly by staying on designated roads, trails, and land.
     R – Respect the rights of others on designated roads, trails, and land in which you drive.
     E – Educate yourself on the region prior to your rental time. Our staff will educate you upon arrival also.
     A – Avoid sensitive areas. Stay on the designated roads and trails, and if required, travel through sensitive areas at a respectable, responsible speed with consideration of all surroundings.
     D – Do your part by modeling appropriate behavior while operating the rental vehicle

  • Smoking is prohibited in the UTV

  • NO alcoholic beverages or drug use is allowed before or during the rental.

  • Must stay on existing trails or roads to UTVs provided on the maps and tablets.

  • Helmets are recommended while operating UTVs, equipment is included and supplied by Cottonwood UTV Rental.

  • Eyewear is required; sunglasses and prescribed glasses are fine, but goggles are included and supplied by Cottonwood UTV Rental.

  • Cottonwood UTV Rental can and sometimes has to substitute any vehicle based on the availability and condition of other vehicles.

  • 2-seater UTVs – Max total weight 700 lbs.

  • 4-seater UTVs – Max total weight 1200 lbs.

  • 6-seater UTVs – Max total weight 1500 lbs.

  • Cottonwood UTV Rental has the right to run your credit card for a damage deposit of $2,500 if the vehicle shows any signs of damage from aggressive driving, doughnuts, running into trees and shrubs, another vehicle, etc., for up to 72 hours after riding. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  • When operating these vehicles, you are responsible for the cost of repair or the actual cash value of the UTVS on the day of the loss if the UTV is beyond being able to be repaired or if we elect not to repair the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen, loss of use, or diminished value of the UTV by damage or repair, you are responsible for the expenses. We will keep the damage deposit if the vehicle is broken and determine the cost of the repair and issue any additional follow-up. Damage or replacement costs are determined by a qualified mechanic in town within a reasonable amount of time from the incident.

  • Excessive use and aggressive driving are not tolerated on the trails, and they are subject to a $2500 fine. Aggressive driving is defined as driving above 30 MPH on dirt roads and 20 MPH on designated OHV trails.  This does not include the highways and pavement.  Aggressive driving that is not tolerable does include drifting and donuts, anything that will damage the vehicle, going off the designated off-road trails, not slowing down to a safe and respectable speed under 10 MPH through water, puddles, and mud, and/or damaging property and the landscape while on the trails. Aggressive driving includes but is not limited to not abiding by Vortex ATV Rental Principles and Off-Road Vehicle Operation Rules, Arizona State Law, and Tread Lightly Principles.

  • Flat tires charge is subject to the discretion of the use of the tires.

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